Consultation, Treatment, Assessment & Evaluation.

Initial Consultation

An initial two hour session where time is spent looking at the interactions between child and caregivers, sensory modulation and regulation, discrimination and motor planning. We have both a verbal review at the time of the evaluation and goals will be provided at the next session.

Individual Treatment Sessions

Following the initial consultaition Weekly or fortnightly individual sessions which are tailored to the child’s specific level of development. Parents are actively involved in these sessions so that we can coach them on how to further develop their program at home.

Families will also be asked to carry out a home program. The duration of intervention needed is highly dependent on the degree of the developmental deficits, the child's individual processing differences and the family's ability to carry over therapeutic activities at home.

Assessment & Evaluation

Evaluations typically take 2–2 ½ hours to complete, they may be completed over a number of sessions. They include standardized testing (as appropriate), clinical observations and parent interviews. School observations will be done if necessary to determine appropriate strategies to maximize students performance.

The assessment includes a comprehensive written report and a one-hour consultation to review the results, discuss recommendations, and outline an intervention plan.

Areas assessed may include:

  • sensory processing
  • motor planning
  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • visual motor skills
  • visual perception and visual spatial processing
  • feeding/eating issues

Comprehensive Report

This can be provided upon request of the parents. These may be required for funding applications, other health providers or as an assessment of developmental level.

School Visits, Consultations, & Information Nights.

School & Pre-School Visits

These visits are often necessary to observe behaviors that may indicate the need for OT intervention. When requested by the parents or teachers we can go into the school, kindergarten or childcare to provide practical strategies and recommendations to the staff that will maximize the childs function.

Pre-school & School Consultation

In-training can be provided at the request of the school.

Parent Information Night

These may scheduled occasionally throughout the year if parents want to learn more about the theory and practicalities of the DIR®/Floortime Model and how they can implement therapy at home.