Links and Resouces

Profectum Foundation is a non-profit organisation established to help parents develop an integrated program for their child(ren), Profectum Foundation has created the Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD) to provide the framework for how different intervention approaches can be integrated to help parents address the specific challenges their child faces. These challenges change over time as an individual grows and develop, and thus the intervention needs to change.

ICDL Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental Learning Disorders - is an international network of clinicians, educators, researchers and parents working in the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect to identify innovative approaches to the identification, treatment and education of children with developmental, communication and learning disorders. The Council works to promote dialogue, improve clinical assessments and interventions, identify new directions for research, develop guidelines for clinical practice, and create opportunities for training, supervision and communication.

Alert Program program that supports children, teachers, parents, and therapists to choose appropriate strategies to change or maintain states of alertness. A fun and exciting way to teach and learn about self regulation.

Handwriting without Tears Offers many resources and tools for teachers and parents to assist children, from kindergarten to Grade 5, develop handwriting skills.

Skill Builders Had a huge range of tools and resources to assist not only fine motor but all areas of paediatric occupational therapy.

Therapy Street for Kids Outlined under all the skill areas required for handwriting this site takes you through engaging activities that are easy to do at home with common materials you probably already have.

Growing Together Psychology - Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy Growing Together offers a range of counselling, assessment and therapy services (including social skills groups) that are individually tailored to meet the needs of each family in their care. You can expect a high quality service from a team of highly experienced clinicians with expertise in assessing and treating a broad range of childhood emotional, behavioural and developmental concerns.