Marissa Williams (Director)

Marissa Williams Occupational Therapist.

Marissa Williams: BOccThry, Dip Man, Grad Cert Hum Res

Marissa gained her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Monash Unversity and has post-graduate studies in business. Initially choosing Occupational Therapy with the intention of a career path in Geriatrics, that was, until her paediatric placement at Port Phillip Specialist School. Fortunate to be supervised and mentored by wonderful therapists – there was no turning back! Marissa assists children up to late adolescence who experience a wide variety of disorders. Her experience covers a variety of settings including kindergarten, schools, childcare, specialty camps, private homes and clinics. Marissa truly values the process of working with parents together with their children, to empower them to take strategies, learned within their sessions, into daily life. Marissa enjoys tailoring therapy to suit the child and family’s individual needs and is committed to helping families support their children to achieve the best outcomes possible.

As a developmental occupational therapist, Marissa works with age appropriate activities In taking a holistic approach to therapy to better understand the possible challenges and impact they will be have on the child. She helps parents and educators understand the importance of sensory integration to the development and overall wellbeing of the child.

She involves herself in professional development by attending courses including Social Thinking, Therapeutic Listening, Regulatory Sensory Processing Disorders and Sensory Oral-Motor Treatment and DIR/Floortime. She also receives regular mentoring from local and international therapists. Marissa’s continuing education has seen her travel to America to attend the Sensory Processing Disorder Symposium and training in Snoezelan Therapy. More recently she travelled to Seattle to participate in the DIR/Floortime Therapy camp, where she was under the supervision of world renowned Occupational Therapist Rosemary White.

Marissa brings integrity and compassion to her work, and is not afraid to think outside the square when it comes to helping her clients. While approaching families in a mature and empathetic manner, Marissa is known for her relatable child-like manner, it is not uncommon to find her upside down on a swing next to a child.

  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  • Diploma in Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Human Resources
  • Member AHPRA
  • Member OTA
  • Mangaing Director SensoryWorks