Welcome to SensoryWorks

Who We Are

SensoryWorks is a private Occupational Therapy practice specialising in the assessment and treatment of children. Our goal is to help your child develop the skills necessary for success in everyday, functional tasks such as play, social interactions, self-help skills, and school performance.

The practice is focused on working with children and their families who have disorders and difficulties with relating and communicating including:

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Asperger's syndrome
  • Sensory integration disorders
  • Regulatory issues
  • Behaviour challenges
  • Dyspraxia
  • Learning difficulties
  • Developmental delays
  • Emotional and social challenges

Our services include both individual and family therapy either on-site or in-home, depending on family requirements. We use child directed play to empower parents and caregivers to further the child’s social and emotional growth. Therapy goals can address modulation of sensation, motor planning, motor control and postural control, shared attention, engagement, emotional regulation, self esteem or social interaction and participation. Occupational Therapy sessions are structured to use your childs strengths and interests to achieve success in more challenging areas. We coach and empower parents/caregivers so they can incorporate strategies into their daily routine.

After Hours Home Visits
Sensory Works is the only Occupational Therapy practice offering after hours home visits to the Melbourne Metro Area! Your time is precious and sometimes getting out of the house after hours just isn't practical. That's where our home visits prove invaluable.

Our Clinic

Our newly constructed sensory clinic is located in a home setting. The separate clinic room incorporates indoor and outdoor treatment areas. Evidenced-based and best practise principals are combined to offer a range of occupational therapy experiences, in a friendly and safe environment. The clinic includes a family friendly waiting room, a therapy/assessment room and an area that can be transformed into a sensory motor gym which has numerous attachments for suspended swings and equipment. Other equipment includes monkey bars, slide, merry go round, trampoline, weighted and tactile balls, cubby houses and climbing equipment.

Occupational Therapists have ethical and legal obligations to protect the privacy of people requiring and receiving care. Clients have a right to expect that practitioners and their staff will hold information about them in confidence, unless release of information is required by law or public interest considerations.

Good practice involves:

a). treating information about patients or clients as confidential
b). seeking consent from patients or clients before disclosing information where practicable
c). being aware of the requirements of the privacy and/ or health records legislation that operates in relevant States and Territories and applying these requirements to information held in all formats, including electronic information
d). sharing information appropriately about patients or clients for their health care while remaining consistent with privacy legislation and professional guidelines about confidentiality
e). where relevant, being aware that there are complex issues relating to genetic information and seeking appropriate advice about disclosure of such information
f). providing appropriate surroundings to enable private and confidential consultations and discussions to take place
g). ensuring that all staff are aware of the need to respect the confidentiality and privacy of patients or clients and refrain from discussing patients or clients in a non-professional context
h). using appropriate consent forms for release of information which limits disclosure to relevant health and medical information.

We are always pleased to collaborate and work with other health care professionals or individuals involved in a child's care. We strongly value a team approach to therapy, in order to maximize a child's overall care and progress. Please note that this communication will occur only with specific parental consent. All information collected during each therapy session is held completely confidential unless specific parental consent is given to share this information with other individuals. For detailed information on how we guard personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for further clarification. As per OT code of Ethics SensoryWorks strives for ‘good practice’ by communicating clear and relevant information in a timely manner to the client, family and colleagues who has ultimate responsibility for coordinating the care of the patient or client.